Wonderful 5- Star Animated Review of PortFerdinand Luxury Resort

In this video review and presentation we discover Port Ferdinand Luxury Resort and marina in Barbados. The Video shows the fantastic decor and service provided by Port Ferdinand Marina-Resort in Barbados.

Port Ferdinand Animated Video Review

The video is an animated film of the apartments, the facilities and the world class resort-marina complex. Based on the a 5 Star review by Miss Trave. Miss Trave added the testimonial on TripAdvisor saying that their vacation was truly wonderful.

Trave shared details of the service, the very friendly and caring hospitality and the wonderful watertaxi trips around St. Peters Barbados. The marina, she says, with all its yachts and the Mediterranean architecture” had the feel of Venice.”


She particularity loved the VIP greeting at the airport that helped the family through immigration and onto the resort with the greatest of ease.

The animated video describes just a small part of what TripAdvisor says. Travel left a very complete account of the excellent service and incredible villas! In her full testimonial travel also says:

“Seeing Saint Peters Bay property was just as luxurious !! Set on a beautiful stretch of beach!! Seeing the 5 bedroom apartment and having a tour there was great in comparison to Port Ferdinand. Its great that guests have full exchange privileges with both properties and nice to see the difference between the two! Such wonderful service from both resorts!.”
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Author: personaholidays

Travelers are looking for authentic, personal holiday vacations that are designed for their own personal needs and expectations. PersonaHolidays is uniquely personal. It creates travel experiences holiday and vacation based on personality and matches travelers to hotels and experiences that matches by character. PersonaHolidays analyses visitors behavior and assignes a unique personality profile matching them up with hotels that are similarly classified.

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