Get Ready to be Fascinated – Persona Holidays Video Launched

Fascinating Travellers with Personality Matching Hotels from persona holidays

We have now launched a new version of the personaholidays video with the slogan used by the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia “Get Ready to Be Fascinated”.  It is about Fascinating Travelers with the Personality Hotels Matchmaker that is the heart of PersonaHolidays. The technology is licensed to Barbados for its travel planning and booking website.

PersonaHolidays in partnership with sally Hogshead’s “How To Fascinate” personality brand assessment and marketing has created the unique artificial intelligent systems. It matches travelers with hotel and holiday options based on Personality. It is a timely solution for travel as their is growing dissatisfaction with traditional booking and trip planning system have not changed in over a decade.

All booking engine provide hotel search options that are geared to location, amenities and price. They do not understand the personality of the person who is searching for hotels and holidays options. They do not appreciate that hotels, resorts and all places to stay appeal to different personalities in many different and very personal ways. They have a brand personality created by its owners, managers, staff and marketing partners.

Persona Holidays, by contracts analyses the travelers behavior and delivers results that are relevant to personalities. All hotels are assessed by the Persona team and assigned a HowToFacinate Archetype. This then generates the watchwords by which travelers are paired with hotel of like character. It is a fascinating project that has caught the attention of many in the hospitality and tourism marketing business.

facinatingtravelers-Get Ready to be Fascinated

Personality matching is fascinating travelers who like to get recommendations from someone who understands them. See it in action at Holidays Barbados

Author: personaholidays

Travelers are looking for authentic, personal holiday vacations that are designed for their own personal needs and expectations. PersonaHolidays is uniquely personal. It creates travel experiences holiday and vacation based on personality and matches travelers to hotels and experiences that matches by character. PersonaHolidays analyses visitors behavior and assignes a unique personality profile matching them up with hotels that are similarly classified.

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