Barbados Cultural Heritage Holidays Featuring Chalky Mount Pottery

Barbados Cultural Heritage Holidays Featuring Chalky Mount PotteryHere is this video we can see Barbados artist John Springer Master Potter, Professor and historian.

He welcomes you to drop in whenever you want. Generally he will be at work creating a mug or jar. If not at work he will halt whatever he is doing and entertain you with his amazing skills at the potters wheel.

John tells us how potting is magic even to him I keep saying that its one of the more intriguing arts you can come across. I have been making pots all these years. And there are very few things which thrill me more that to see another potter at work. First time I saw it being done, I really thought I was seeing magic.

As he says, “Back in the old days all villagers got the mugs and jars here all made from local clays from right here in the village.”

See the script for the video here

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