PesonaHolidays Posts Update on TripSavvy Review of Fun Barbados Activities For Kids

PesonaHolidays Posts Update on TripSavvy Review of Fun Barbados Activities For KidsIn its lovely review of Barbados family holidays with kids, TripSavvy noted 10 fun adventures that were especially popular with children. They are indeed great things for families with kids to do, but their is so much more.

Not mentioned in the TripSavvy excellent review are some of our PersonaHolidays favorite stops for children. One is the enchanted and magical Gardens Of Anthony Hunt near Bathsheba, another must see spot on the review. It may seem odd that we could think of a visit to Hunts Garden as a treat for kids, but its a delight for children and you will see their face shine with joy as they explore the nooks and crannies of the gully. There are hidden dens and sitting area amongst whimsical statues, garden Nome’s and ornaments set elegantly beside exotic plants and towering palms.

On the theme of gardens, Trip Savvy had praise for the Animal Flower Cave with its sea plants that flower in the shallow pools. They are alive and will shut up tight as a clam when disturbed. They are a little similar to the water plants at Hunts Gardens that also shut when touched. However, the Animal Flower Caves anemone are more alive and dramatic.

THe cave is a bit slippery and rocky – It may be a challenge for the elderly but the guides will steady you along.

For another underground garden of a different sort, Harissons Cave is also a delight for kids. Children enjoy the train ride through the cave as it visits cavern with waterfalls, emeral clear pools and the huge stalactites and stalagmites.

The film that is shown before the tour is very educational as it traces the geology and formation of Barbados island and the caves. It may be a bit over the head for the very young.

Yes, the Atlantis Submarine is a must. Its in line with our theme of gardens except this takes you under the waves in a real submarine.

Children love to see the Caribbean’s marine natural charm from the inside of a real holiday sub. From a close encounter with a coral-encrusted shipwreck to the tropical fish, diving beneath the waves to the bottom of the sea is always a treat for kids of all ages.

Video of Barbados Families Vacations

In this video by Distinctly Charming Barbados we see many of the family holiday activities that children enjoy. Naturally Atlantis Submarines, Gardens and cave are included along with several other ideas:

For More information of things to do for families in the island see

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