Advanced Personalization Matchmaker.Travel Disrupt Tourism

Leading tourism companies says that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Personalization and travel matchmaker systems are the new frontier of travel bookings. Traditional search and booking systems are frustrating and do not match travelers with hotels based on personal style, mood and personality.

Here at PersonaHolidays we are delighted to see the mass of articles, blogs and commentary about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in travel planning. Even Expedia chimed in with calling the combination of AI and personalization the new frontier of travel search, planning and bookings.

Breakthrough Advanced Personalization & Matchmaker.Travel Will Disrupt Tourism

For too long we have heard case study after case study saying the the traditional search booking process for tourism is frustrating and inept.

We have got tired of hearing that what travelers want is not more choice but a precise personal recommendation, based on their specific needs and character. We know that travelers want experiences. They will like a hotel for many reasons and top among these are its brand character.

PersonaHolidays has perfected the art of persona-branding for hotels. This assigns traits and character to the property, the decor, ambiance and its staff. Holiday accommodation is a major part of the vacation experience and when you assign traits like bold, artistic, unorthodox to a hotel, you get a sense of who they are and what you might expect. A place and its people may be fun loving and whimsical and that will appeal to travelers who like these characteristics and are fun loving them themselves.

Persona has pioneered in this area using leading brand personality and psychology to match travelers with the right experience. We are delight to see major chains, OTAs and Destinations finally waking up that AI-Personalization and Matchmaker.Travel Engine are the new frontier.

One of the latest articles to talk about personalization as the new frontier is Marketing Hotels and Tourism: Marketing hotels and tourism examines the new wave of Artificial Intelligence in travel and tourism. It features many of the news startup companies that are building and applying AI to travel.

These Include experts like Travelsify, Traitify and The Matchmaker.Travel Engine. All are forms of persona branding and personality matching AI expert systems. They use psychological techniques to help travelers to select the best hotel experience.

The new frontier travel booking systems match hotels with travelers by personality. Hotel Chains, Destination and OTAs are eyeing the current Matchmaker travel implementations with a keen interest.


Author: personaholidays

Travelers are looking for authentic, personal holiday vacations that are designed for their own personal needs and expectations. PersonaHolidays is uniquely personal. It creates travel experiences holiday and vacation based on personality and matches travelers to hotels and experiences that matches by character. PersonaHolidays analyses visitors behavior and assignes a unique personality profile matching them up with hotels that are similarly classified.

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