WorldSagas 7 -Cherry Avenue Rum Shop

This is a lovely story by By Ann-Christin Truedsson. Fantasy Tale of larger than life characters you may well meet in a Bajan Rum Shop. Cherry Avenue, Barbados Sue-Ellen wagged her tail and limped towards Sir G as usual eyeing the dove blue linen napkin in his right hand. It was Friday night at Cherry … Continue reading “WorldSagas 7 -Cherry Avenue Rum Shop”

WorldSagas 6ii – Caught for Possession, Ace Looks for Cash!

ACE moves through the village like a fox on the prowl; agile, aware, cunning. It is early. He wakes with the day, eats a banana and drinks coconut water. “It’s medicine, man”, he told me once. “Coconut got to be young, picked long before they get hard with jelly, still small on the tree, no … Continue reading “WorldSagas 6ii – Caught for Possession, Ace Looks for Cash!”

WorldSagas 6i -Banana Bust

Ace, Drugs and Bananas The police arrested Ace on Thursday night in a surprise raid on prime suspects. There had been a plague of break-ins for over a month and residents were angry. Big mouth, big belly John was angry and determined to take matters into his own hands if the police would not act. … Continue reading “WorldSagas 6i -Banana Bust”

WorldSagas 6 – Modern Life in a Fishing Village Bathsheba

This is Bathsheba, a small community nestled about a thin road that stretches for a few miles on the edge of a rugged coast. It lies at the foot of a hill and three roads, like fingers, point up the steep incline to the main connector routes the East Coast road and Horse Hill road. … Continue reading “WorldSagas 6 – Modern Life in a Fishing Village Bathsheba”

WorldSagas 5 – After Emancipation

Days like today I feel guilty. Looking out the window I see my mother working the vegetable plot. Sometimes she straightens up, pressed one hand against her back and wipes her arm across her forehead. That’s when it’s hard not to go out to help, but I know what she’ll say: You get inside and … Continue reading “WorldSagas 5 – After Emancipation” 4 Rebellion (Bussa)

Moved to –   On April 12th there was a Good Friday dance at the River Plantation. From all over St. Philip slaves came to join in the revelry. As the sun went down, friends gathered to catch up on news; rum eased aching limbs, dancing erased awareness of tomorrow’s labour. Amidst the … Continue reading “ 4 Rebellion (Bussa)”

WorldSagas 3 – Nyala and the Slave Ships

Nyala walked up the footpath leading away from his village, thinking of the meeting he had just had with the Ibo elders. He was the son of the Chief and destined to be a leader someday soon. There were many responsibilities for a chief. African tribes had been at war with each other for some … Continue reading “WorldSagas 3 – Nyala and the Slave Ships”


Watch this space – we are moving world to Travelogue.Personaholidays! WorldSagas are personal stories by travelers and traveler writers about people, history, folklore, culture and heritage of interesting tourism destinations.

WorldSagas 1- Barbados

A Long, long time ago… The start of our Barbados Saga.. Links to Other Saga, Amerindians, Slave ships, Pirates, Moder life etc. From a vast height the islands of the Lesser Antilles looked the same five hundred years ago as they do now: a delicate chain of islands binding the ponderous bulks of the Greater … Continue reading “WorldSagas 1- Barbados”

WorldSagas 2 – Amerindians Dream of the Turtle

With a conch knife Matamu deftly split the poisonous tuber, took one half in her hands and began to work it across the coral grater in her lap, producing a fibrous pulp. This pulp she pushed through the hole at the top of the snake-like matapi basket, which hung from the roof of the palm-thatched … Continue reading “WorldSagas 2 – Amerindians Dream of the Turtle”