PersonaHolidays Launches FascinatingTravelers App with How to Fascinate Partners

FacinatingTravelers by personaholidaysWe are pleased to formally announce that we have partnered with  How To Fascinate to build what we call the FascinatingTravelers Technology.  The  annuncement was covered in a Press Release titled:

PersonaHolidays Taps HowToFascinate for FascinatingTravelers Technology

FascinatingTravelers is one of the latest developments in character matching for hotel  and tourism. This form of personality matching is relatively new to travel.  With Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and behavior analysis, its predictive engine establishes the persona of each traveler and delivers a unique personal experience that fits their individual and very personal needs.

One point we have tried to make clear in the Press Release, is that Personalized travel is not just about personal attention and it is not a matter of adding the travelers name and location on a landing page or interactive form.

The Technology behind PersonaHolidays’ Fascinating Travelers is a state of the art AI program. It is different from many attempts to personalize travel; there is no need to question and test users to assess personality. Instead it assesses  visitors by their search and navigation activity and their preferences. Every action on a website is monitored and all choices have deeper significance which are embedded in the systems knowledge-base and are fine tuned with each user experience. PersonaHolidays analyzes ever click and action to infer true insights of the users personality.

The Press Release is Featured in:

travel is personal and personaholiday delivers personality based experiences that fascinate travelers

Travel Weekly –

The Travel Weekly feature quotes Jose Yantas, Business Development Manager at HowtoFacinate, saying; “This personality test has served as a great tool to enhance careers, relationships and businesses. This system is a fresh, innovative way to find someones distinct personality traits. It is exciting to see PersonaHolidays use it to give people fascinating travel experiences.”

The Travel Weekly article also adds that “It is a new way to navigate the frustrating task of finding the prefect place and experience for a holiday. Current research shows that travelers are overwhelmed and typically look at over 20 sites that do not provide a personal recommendation based on an understanding of who they are.”

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